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Membership, wherever possible, is by recommendation from an existing member. This is to ensure that we maintain a reasonable standard of workmanship and that the maker does not ‘buy in’ items to be sold at our events.

We will however, always consider applications from makers not known to us as long as there is some evidence of provenance. Craftworkers just venturing forth are encouraged to join and every assistance is given in developing their marketing skills and knowledge of their craft.

Our Annual Membership Fee is currently £30 a year, payable at the beginning of the year. We try to keep pitch costs to around £30 for our stand alone events, but can be higher when we have a marquee or gazebos at large events. Where we attend a third party event then the cost tends to be a little higher, typically £50.

All members, whilst attending our events, are covered by Public Liability Insurance up to £5m.

Every member will be offered their own ‘Makers Page’ on this website. There may be a small charge if our photographer’s services are called upon.