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Alison Wynn

Specialising in: Beads to Cherish

Alison makes jewellery purely for the creative satisfaction that it brings her, taking great pride in producing individual items which she hopes, in turn, brings pleasure to her customers.  Alison is captivated by the endless variations in beaded jewellery and in particular her two favourites: Lampworked Glass and Kumihimo.

Lampwork Beads

Lampwork Beads are made at a torch fuelled by a mixture of propane and oxygen.  Each bead is made individually, heating a rod of glass until it is molten.  Alison then wraps the molten glass around a steel rod called a mandrel.  This mandrel forms the hole through the centre of the bead.  Once formed the bead is annealed in a kiln to make it strong and durable.  Further love and care goes into the creation of a unique item of jewellery.


Kumihimo is a traditional form of Japanese Braiding dating far back in history, although it is now used for mainly decorative and ceremonial purposes.  By incorporating beads the variations are as broad as your imagination.  As a craft it is somewhat addictive, but enormously satisfying.  Each necklace comprises some 800 – 1000 beads and will typically tke around 5 hours to create.

Matching bracelets can be made to measure.

Contact Alison Wynn

Contact Alison Wynn:

Tel:             01622 892244

Mobile:      07739 904240

Email:        wynnsbarn@btinternet.com

Etsy:           BeadstoCherish

Facebook: Alison Wynn – BeadstoCherish