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Graham Pollard

Specialising in: Pen making

Graham Pollard

From constructing wooden furniture to building dolls houses to making and sailing large radio controlled model boats; I have always had this fascination for things made from wood. Many years ago a friend gave me a large, very old lathe. I started turning all manner of things; in fact if it was round and made of wood I would turn it on that old lathe. Sadly the old girl gave up the ghost but a new, smaller and better model was purchased some years later and wood turning became a little more than a hobby.

I now produce pens and pencils from the lathe, each one is unique; after all, no two pieces of wood look the same.  Whether it’s a beautiful fountain pen, an elegant roller ball or just a humble ball point, skill and dedication is put into each and every item.

All items from About Turns will indicate what type of wood is used.  I have recently discovered Acrylic pen blanks. These blanks are a man-made product and come in stunning colours with different patterns to add something special to my pens and pencils, key rings and other items now being produced in my workshop.

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